The Producers: On Paul McCartney's Flowers in the Dirt - Standard Edition


Sold Out

This initial print run of numbered and signed copies has SOLD OUT in less than 48 hours. In response to demand, there will be a second print run of this booklet. These are unsigned and not numbered, but otherwise identical.

After the publication online of SuperDeluxeEdition's acclaimed interview feature with the producer's of Paul McCartney's Flowers in the Dirt, many SDE readers contacted us to ask if we'd consider creating a printed edition of the interview.

We've done just that and this 'keepsake' saddle-stitched (or staple-bound) booklet edition is a professionally printed and designed 16-page A4 document. The card cover has been printed on 260gsm uncoated stock with the inner pages on 160gsm uncoated stock. These have been designed to slot neatly into the Flowers In The Dirt super deluxe edition box set.

As well as the full 9000-word feature, this special printed edition contains 1200 words of exclusive bonus content, with more thoughts from Trevor Horn, Stephen Lipson and Chris Hughes, unavailable anywhere else!

Each booklet will come in a protective A4 cello-bag and these will be posted in a board-backed envelope to ensure they don't get bent in the post.

Praise for this interview feature article by SDE readers:

“The interview is really fantastic… It is very informative and will go down as one of the greatest insights into Paul's working methods in his solo career.”

“Invaluable document”

“Stupendous article”

“One of the best McCartney articles I've ever read. And I've read LOTS!”

“Fantastic work”

“Incredible work”

“So many good insights into Paul and his creative process in this, I'm going to have to reread it a few times”

“It is a most worthy companion piece to the musical treat that we soon will get. Your time and effort, and your passion, are greatly appreciated by us all.”

“Fantastic article”

“Really amazing interviews”

“So great to read something this in-depth about one of Paul's albums”

“Wow. This was magnificent. Really. Fascinating. Well balanced. Really interesting deep dive on both the personal and professional level. I was sad when it ended.”

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