Saint Etienne / Tiger Bay 25th anniversary box set / exclusive SIGNED edition


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Tiger Bay 25th anniversary box set - exclusive SIGNED edition

1500 limited edition • 3LP+CD large format box, exclusively signed by the band

Saint Etienne celebrate the 25th anniversary of their third album Tiger Bay with the release of a limited edition vinyl box set.

This set contains 

  • The original album remastered and cut onto two twelve inch 45rpm discs for higher fidelity, housed in an exclusive gatefold version of the original sleeve.
  • ‘Tiger Bay - Remains Of The Day’, an exclusive album that gathers together twelve rare recordings from the period most of which are appearing on vinyl for the first time.
  • ‘Tapestry’ a beautiful 13 track CD album of ‘stripped-back’ versions and unreleased arrangements, taken from original master tapes and complied by Pete Wiggs.
  • A perfect bound, 12" square, 28 page book featuring many unseen photographs and artefacts from the era, plus new interviews with Bob Stanley, Pete Wiggs and Sarah Cracknell by the Guardian's Michael Hann.
  • A reproduction 12” x 24” instore poster for the original release of Tiger Bay.
  • A reproduction circular promo sticker for the ‘Hug My Soul’ single.
  • Exact reproductions of the original album press release and biography.
  • A digital download code for all of the music. 

All items included in the box are exclusive and won’t be available elsewhere. These are exclusively SIGNED by Sarah Cracknell, Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs. 

The Tiger Bay box is released by Heavenly on 17 May 2019.

Original album - Heavenly HVNLP8SE – Two-disc vinyl album cut at 45rpm

1. Urban Clearway
2.   Former Lover                                           
3.   Hug My Soul                                            
4.   Like A Motorway                         
5.   On The Shore                                           
6.   Marble Lions                                            
7.   Pale Movie                                               
8.   Cool Kids Of Death                                  
9.   Western Wind
10. Tankerville           
11. The Boy Scouts Of America

Tiger Bay - Remains Of The Day - Heavenly HVNLP8RD - 33rpm Vinyl Album 

1.   Urban Clearway (demo)
2.   Black Horse Latitude
3.   I Buy American Records
4.   Hate Your Drug
5.   You Know I'll Miss You When You’re Gone
6.   Hug My Soul (demo)
7.   The Wedding of Stacey Dorning
8.   Sushi Rider
9.   Deborah's French Feast
10. Pale Movie (demo)•
11. La Poupee Qui Fait Non (No No No)
12. Highgate Road Incident

Tiger Bay – Tapestry - Heavenly HVNLP8CDBD - CD

1.   Urban Clearway - Arrival Strings
2.   Like A Motorway - Bass
3.   Former Lover - Intro Chat
4.   Western Wind - Stephen Duffy Vocal
5.   Boy Scouts Of America - Lynch Frost Bed
6 Cool Kids Of Death - Sven Verse
7. Hug My Soul - Vibes & Strings
8.   Tankerville - Orchestra
9.   Like A Motorway – Fragments
10 Pale Movie - Guitar Solo
11. Boy Scouts Of America - Orchestra
12. Marble Lions - Sarah Plus Orchestra
13. Tiger Bay - Coda

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